WE UNDERSTAND - DEEPLY: The reservations many might have regards their privacy for sensitive matters especially such as personal information. And we also respect that there may be confidence issues. However, we have pulled all the stops to make sure that we gain and retain your confidence and you shall expect that we shall not divulge your information to any other party without your consent.


When you are moving house or office, you want to do so seamlessly without causing messes and misplacing important documents. At D-Runner, we handle house and office moving with absolute professionalism. We take stock of all your stuff- including serial numbers and other details applicable, we pack and unpack them in an organized manner taking great care to handle even fragile stuff and to ensure no important documents or equipment are lost in the process.


We also commit to pay for any damages that are incurred in our care.


Have you ever felt alone? Or wished that there was someone who could keep your loved ones company while you’re away? Well, we are here now.

We offer companionship services for the elderly, the young and the vulnerable or sick. We have fully trained professionals who will follow your instructions to the tee. Those who require medication will receive it on time, those that require feeding shall receive the same.

Our team of professionals will ensure to keep your loved ones in high spirits, sharing stories and listening to them. We do believe that having people to talk to helps especially the elderly and the sick to remain in high spirits, stay motivated and to know that you care. If there’s a way we can replicate your love to them, we shall.


For errands like picking up the kids from school or dropping them, taking your car for Controle technique review, Paying taxes at RRA (or elsewhere), banking, shopping, etc, you can send us. We have competent people for respective fields who can help you to do the run-around while you attend to other business. We do this on an affordable commission basis factoring in time, distance and risk.

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Our car wash service includes thorough waxing and polishing for both the interior and exterior of the car. This saves time, money and crucially, safeguards one from the likelihood of losing vital documents as could happen when cars are washed at random places down the road.


Get the look that you deserve and flaunt your style with our flexible and creative team of interior design professionals. When we talk to you, we get an idea of what you like and design your space (be it bedroom, dining, living room, office, etc) to suit your taste. We are also adept at designing your compound, walk-way, etc to suit your style irrespective the size of the compound.


Our janitorial services include but ain't limited to the below;

*Air Vent Cleaning
Thoroughly cleaning the nooks and crannies to remove dust and dirt that can impact indoor air quality.

*Dusting and Damp Wiping
Using methods best for the particular surfaces around facilities, leaving the materials spotless.

*Glass and Window Cleaning
Handling even multiple story buildings and leave all glass surfaces sparkling – no streaks or water spots.  We shall also clean off frames, sills, tracks, and blinds.

We use micro-filtered vacuum cleaners that work like magnets, trapping microscopic materials for a safer, cleaner workplace.

*Post Construction Cleaning
Whether it’s a brand new building or a minor remodel, construction projects always leaves behind a layer of dust, debris, and dirt. We’ll leave it clean and ready to impress.



We offer personnel who are on hand to help you out on a temporary/ stop-gap basis in instances where your staff is away on leave, sick, etc. We send you the staff based on your specific needs. We have drivers, office administrators (to manage your schedules, payments, flights, etc). We do have personal concierge, business concierge, bridal concierge and many other concierge services.

At the same time, we can handle your possible assignments remotely instead of sending a staff to sit at yours if you prefer.

Many startups and even established businesses might find our remote assistant services especially helpful. It is convenient if one doesn’t have extra office space for an assistant, if one is unsure if he can afford a long term replacement (or if he even needs to), or if one finds there’s an abrupt need for an extra pair of hands.


Hire us to help you out with preparing for your event and avoid the hustle of running around looking for every single thing. Now you can just tell us what you like, we run our suggestions by you and proceed to implement that which you prefer. Because at the end of the day, the event should be a showcase of your style.