Don't be busy. Be productive

We normally need to run and close as many errands as possible. But with so little time, just how many errands can we close? One might even ask if we even "need" to run these errands. It is a conversation of wants versus need.

This article is about the "need". Not the "want". Or to put it in another way, this is about priorities. Too many priorities become a (busy) mess whereas manageable priorities make you productive.

It is important that in this journey of life, we have with us a set of things we feel that we absolutely need to do or achieve in order to consider it a successful day, week, month or year. Onwards. So in these daily struggles to ascertain what will take us forward and what will waste our time, if we lack a clear perspective of our objectives, we have a high chance that we shall get lost in the darkness of busy unproductive lives. So how do we change this?

  1. Have a clear mission and strategy. You need to know - possibly even write down - what you need to achieve and outline your strategy for this.

  2. Keep your priorities at a minimum. One or few priorities at a time and keep adding onto these as you achieve those that you have achieved. This way, you have organization - and with it productivity.

  3. Take your time in making decisions. Especially those decisions that will affect your progress. No matter the urgency, patience gives you a higher chance of making the right decisions. Have clarity of mind before you act.

At D-Runner, we give our best to make sure that we help busy people in Rwanda to become productive and we help productive people to become even more effective. As examples we do have these services;

-Companion Care Service for working class people who might have sick, young or elderly people to take care of back home or at the hospital. We know that in such instances, even one's best organized priorities can go out the window. Jobs are lost and even lives are lost. We know that our such service can make busy people in Kigali re-align their priorities and become productive people.

-Concierge Service which also helps especially productive people working in Rwanda to become even more effective. For example, one's car might be due for controle technique review and yet they have an important business meeting and may not fancy a day in the queue at Controle Technique. Well, we can run the errand for them, taking their car for review and returning it with everything completed.

So how would you like to organize your life? It is possible to do assorted tasks by yourself, but again if you can afford to, outsource. The ultimate goal should be that you encourage more clarity in your goals and direction.

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