Manage your event in small spaces

Do you want to give your guests a great event experience despite limitations of space? Well, here we do have a few choice ideas about how you can maximize the little event space you might have.

Events in Kigali are normally very luxurious affairs. Sometimes they are messed because of space constraints but nevertheless, it shouldn't be a convenient excuse for a bad event experience. Read on;

  1. Use round tables for your event. Round tables force upon you some spaces that you might have wanted to fill up if you used rectangles or squares. And these small extra spaces eventually add up to create some room.

  2. Do not decorate the ceiling and the walls. Decorations will draw attention to the ceiling and if height is one of the issues you're facing, then you're certainly going to amplify this. Same for walls.

  3. Use predominantly white decorations and keep the coloreds to a minimum. White has a spacial appeal and amplifies the little space that you have.

  4. Have an open floor plan. This means that you avoid dividing the room using curtains or other visible boundaries. If you decorate right, an open floor will look like all the space that the guests will ever need.

  5. Use translucent/ clear chairs and glass tables whenever possible as an option. It reduces that suffocating feeling.

  6. Try low light decor, supplemented by lit candles. You might need to remove any hanging pictures or art in this case. And ensure that all decor is tight and no children are at the event.

  7. Use low centerpieces - like vases, books and floral arrangements. Big centerpieces, like ceiling decor draw attention to your room height and other physical limitations.

  8. Limit the use of large furniture pieces as much as you can. 2 to 3 at a maximum. Also, see that all your furniture is a little bit off the wall. It makes it look more spacious actually. And less desperate. You also want to make sure that the furniture matches with the wall color or design.

  9. Add mirrors at strategic places where there's some cramp. Like in tiny pathways where it can actually give the illusion of double the space. On the tables, mirrors amplify lighting. Which is another good thing.

Events in Kigali

So there you have it. Next time you have your event in Kigali, you can maximize your resources in many spaces. You don't always have to have it at the Kigali Convention Center or the Kigali Arena. There are so many places in Kigali that can give you and your guests a beautiful event experience. Go and win.



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