Why you need D-Runner

It is a popular saying that time is money. Well, now convenience is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Sometimes you never know that you need something until it is there. Has it ever occurred to you how much time you can save by enlisting the help of a concierge services company?

Concierge Services in Kigali are still relatively less known. Mostly because the people who need them do not yet appreciate the extent to which these services can save them valuable time to attend to their other needs.

D-Runner comes along with an exhaustive list of services and a whole new experience for previously exhausted folk. With us you can hire a professional nurse to wait on your patient on the hospital shifts where you are not available, you can have someone shop and bring items right to your doorstep, you can move your office or home in a safe and insured way and so many more services.

We have found that productivity in urban areas is greatly hampered by traffic congestion and on average a working adult loses up to 34% in possible business due to the traffic in moving between two places, forgetfulness and lack of sufficient expertise. Our job is to help you to regain that 34% otherwise lost productivity.

So here we are. Whenever you are in Rwanda, use us. We are the most proactive errand company you will find in Rwanda.



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