You probably want your office in Kigali or residence to be more airy, open and therefore enjoyable for those who visit them and those who use them regularly. You may also be aware that there are various cleaning services in Kigali too. But how do you know what you need. Before you call your service provider?

Janitorial services tackles different tasks in professional office environments, but also residential areas. Anything from residential facilities to major offices and factories will regularly need these services. If you are a busy manager or business owner in Kigali, there are many reasons to hire a professional janitorial company. Not least because it frees up space for you to concentrate on other businesses while ensuring that your office or home is habitable and most clean.

Different environments require different approaches to cleaning. Casual office space may not require the kind of equipment or detail that medical facilities might for example. Neither will a residence require the same detail as a poultry farm. It is therefore advisable to have your janitorial service provider make a proper assessment of your facility and advise you on the best approach.

Remember, it is preferred - and industry standard - for janitorial service providers to customize their services to suit your everyday needs. Because these can range from regular cleaning services and waste removal to even fumigation and pest control services.

Below are some of the services most commonly associated with janitors;

  • Waste removal and disposal

  • General cleaning of your space

  • Cleaning restrooms and adding the supplies [mostly commercial cleaning]

  • Disinfecting surfaces

  • Other maintenance tasks essential for a clean, fresh space

  • Fumigation and pest control

  • All surface detailing and polishing

  • Vacuuming of carpets & furniture, etc

Cheers and we wish you a sparkly clean and fresh office, farm or residence.


The D-Runner Team

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