Here, we detail some of the services that we offer at Drunner and how best you can become a core enabler of a great experience for yourself and for others. We promise to and commit to a positive new experience for each client. Considering that we are here as a convenience solution, we want to open your eyes to the full extent of what Drunner is capable of. Enjoy!


House or office moving is a logistical nightmare. An essential part of us that we would rather do without. Even then however, we try our best to see that we live life to the comfort that we can afford.

WITH that in mind, Drunner undertakes to take care of all the logistical challenges like disassembly and re-assembly of property, packing and unpacking, loading and offloading, cleaning the new house thoroughly, transportation, fixing broken stuff at the old or new location, safe waste disposal, etc.

What happens is that once you have this need, we come over to your house or office and assess the items that you want to move. We shall list all of them with status details in a form against which you will sign if in agreement that it covers all your items. We shall then send an advance team to the new location to prepare the premises. This includes deep cleaning and safe waste disposal.

We shall then carefully and safely pack all your property and unpack them at your new location.

WE DO HAVE an insurance policy in place to insure against property damage while in our care and as such are invested heavily in ensuring that everything is okay. You will sign off for us on the completed job upon inspection of your new location and confirming that everything is as you want it to be.

So, basically when you decide to move, there are now three easy steps;

1. Call Drunner,

2. Head out to attend to other business,

3. On return, head straight to your new premises. 

Our service feels that automated.