D-Runner is an errand company that aims to solve moving, branding, companionship, household chores, janitorial issues and other task related issues that busy professionals, students and other people face regularly.

There are various inconveniences through the lives of especially professionals, students, business persons and even celebrities. To each their own challenge. D-Runner is here to do these assorted tasks so that you can concentrate on other urgent matters that require your attention.

OUR MISSION: To inspire a positive influence in the lifestyle of busy professionals and students.

OUR VISION: A simpler lifestyle for busy people.

WHY CHOOSE US: Often times, it is inconveniencing to find yourself doing things that you think can wait, but are like a small annoying distraction from the grander things that you would rather be doing.

At D-Runner, we are here to handle these inconveniences for you – and then some. Courtesy of a whole range of professionals carefully selected from different fields and specialty, we are able to offer a wide range of services that individually and collectively go a long way into making life simpler for you.

Among other things, we value integrity and professionalism and endeavor to exhibit this at the highest levels while in the course of duty.

Our staff are carefully selected and we have a transparent feedback process.