Thank you for visiting. On this entire site are assorted services tailored to give you comfort and convenience. We want you to be able to get rid of the annoying distractions in your life and let us handle the rest. Even with all these services listed, we still say that we are your errand company. Ask us about anything and chances are that if it is legal, we shall do it for you.


When for some reason you cannot drive back home or pick up the kids from school, you call DRUNNER

Valuing the relationship that we have with our clients and their associates, and valuing the common decency of Integrity, DRUNNER never discloses.

Your assignments are treated with utmost urgency. Not a moment's lapse.

All our staff are thoroughly background checked to ensure that they put a premium on the values of integrity that we stand for and not endanger our clients and associates.

Call us anytime and we shall be there to attend to your emergencies. 

We are open minded so can take weekly, monthly, or annual contracts. We also accept pay per jobs as well as payment methods that suit the client. We take cash, check, Mobile Money, EFT, etc.

We are fully insured for all our operations. You do not have to worry about damage. While we are extra careful and organized in managing your property, we also want to make sure you suffer no losses because of us.

Don't be cheated. We have official emails, an official website, official phone and official social media handles. Our staff carry IDs and wear uniform. You always know who you deal with.

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